Exercise Physiology Services

Chronic Disease Management


People with health issues such as obesity and diabetes can be supported through Exercise Physiology.  Oncology patients can also be guided through their recovery with the help of an Exercise Physiologist

Functional Capacity Assessment


Functional Capacity Assessments clearly identify physical capabilities and weaknesses.  We have developed assessment protocols to help you keep track of your progress.

Manual Handling Training


We offer corporate Manual Handling Training & Ergonomic Worksite Assessments (including vehicle ergonomics).  Presentations are available for group training.

Working with the Elderly


Keeping mobile and regaining mobility is vital for health and well-being.  Exercise Physiologists can ensure that mobility improvement is undertaken in a safe and effective program

Injury Rehabilitation


Wondering whether to see a Physiotherapist or an Exercise Physiologist for your injury? 

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Fitness Assessments


We offer spirometry breathing tests and VO2 Max testing to give you accurate information about your fitness levels and lung capacity. These tests can be undertaken with the assistance of our Medical Practitioner, Dr Andrew Elkerton, who can supervise the testing for patients with asthma or other respiratory concerns

Exercise Prescription


Exercise Physiologists prescribe exercises to improve posture, reduce pain, improve strength and mobility and for injury rehabilitation

Pain Relief


Exercise Physiologists can help relieve muscular spasms through stretching and remedial massage

Postural Correction


Exercise Physiologists help with  postural correction through stretching and exercise prescription

Weight Loss?


People with health issues such as obesity can be supported through Exercise Physiology

Pre-employment Screening


Pre-employment screening can be undertaken for potential new employees to identify pre-existing injuries and physical abilities

Training for a specific event?


Need to get to the next level of performance to reach your personal goals?  We can help

Home Visits


We can make home visits for people that find it difficult to travel due to limited mobility. Increasing mobility can improve independence and quality of life

Exercise Physiology vs Physiotherapy


Wondering whether to see a Physiotherapist or an Exercise Physiologist for your injury? 

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Injury Prevention


Exercise Physiologists have expertise in injury prevention, so that you are free to exercise to your heart's content!